Southland – uniquely naturally diverse

sthlndmountainsSpanning the breadth of the South Island, Southland offers visitors ever-changing scenery so different that you’ll wonder if you are still in the same country.  Within a day’s travel, you’ll experience everything from towering rainforests, alpine tussocks, rolling fertile farmlands and golden beaches stretching as far as the eye can see.



Peace and solitude are guaranteed in this region of wide-open spaces and a population density of just 1 person for every 30 hectares of land.

Well known for its “off the beaten track” activities and attractions, Southland is easily accessible by road and Invercargill at the hub of Southland has a domestic airport for arrivals by air.

Southland’s spectacular scenery, unique wildlife and rich heritage draws trampers, sightseers, adventurers, naturalists and culture buffs alike … or those simply looking for an idyllic, peaceful retreat a world away from the rigors of everyday life.

It’s home to two national parks – New Zealand’s newest, Rakiura, covering most of Stewart Island and the country’s largest, Fiordland, which has World Heritage status.

SthlndfishingRenowned for its diversity of walks, from short walks to multi-day treks, its rich natural heritage encompassing mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, sandy beaches and rocky shorelines and its rare and endangered species such as the yellow-eyed penguin, Hector's dolphin, seals and Hooker sea lions, Southland is the place to be truly at one with nature. 

Southland is internationally recognized for it’s fishing, with the rivers, streams and lakes attracting anglers from every part of the world. It's not just about freshwater fishing though, as the coastline and sea fishing offer their own adventures and thrills.

Experience our many lakes, rivers, inlets and seas in a variety of water activities. There are many boats available for charters and sightseeing in the area.

Southland is a bird watcher’s paradise.  150 species of wild birds live in, or visit, Southland and its surrounding ocean including fern birds, Fiordland crested penguins, kiwis, New Zealand dotterels, kakas, keas, wekas, yellow heads and saddlebacks.

Or if it’s history you are after then Southland’s architecture, museums and heritage trails are a must do.

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Images provided by Venture Southland