West Coast – the pioneer’s heartland

MtApWC The West Coast is New Zealand's pioneering cultural 'heartland' where legends and stories abound. Isolated from the rest of New Zealand by the Southern Alps, ‘Coasters’ have developed a distinctive culture of their own, where the pioneering values of self-reliance and hospitality are as strong now as they were a century ago.




And along with the rugged pioneering spirit there’s plenty of adventure to choose from - beach & forest walks to suit all ages and abilities, tourism experiences, caving, rafting, canoeing & kayaking, surfing, jet boating, jet skiing, glacier walks, scenic flights, mountain biking, horse treks, fishing, gold panning, to name but a few.

Raft the awesome Buller Gorge 'Earthquake Slip' rapids, experience a 1 1/4 hour jet boating adventure through the subtropical forest of the majestic Lower Buller Gorge, explore the incredible West Coast countryside on horseback or quad bikes, walk NZ’s longest Swing bridge - crossing the beautiful Buller Gorge to view the 4.5 metre high White’s Creek Fault line - epicentre of the 1929 Murchison earthquake.

raftingWCExplore native bush and historic goldworkings, try your hand at goldpanning, then fly back high across the Buller river on the high speed Cometline or Superman ride and follow it with a jet boat ride.

Ride the narrow gauge Nile River Rainforest Trainor the award winning Underworld Raftingor The Charleston Glow-worm Cave Tour. Combine fun & discovery in the awe inspiring Nile River caves amid the most amazing glow-worm and stalactite displays.



Looking for something extreme? Then try the full-on Adventure Caving.

Ride amidst temperate rainforest in the spectacular Punakaiki Valley within Paparoa National Park, kayak the Pororari River gorge, or navigate your own quad bike or 2-seater Go-Kart across rivers, through mud and puddles, raft through the rainforest or relax as you cruise along mirror-like waters among rainforest & birdlife.

iceclmbnWCWant to learn more about the West Coast?  Visit www.westcoast.co.nz

Images provided by Tourism West Coast